Location: Ingleby Barwick
3rd July 2017

Garden Detectives!

Garden Detectives! Photo-1
Garden Detectives! Photo-2
Garden Detectives! Photo-3
Garden Detectives! Photo-4
Garden Detectives! Photo-5
Garden Detectives! Photo-6

In our Pre-School room we love being Garden Detectives!

We have been exploring the garden to see what we could find that interested us. We wrote everything down and then brought our ideas together inside our pre-school room to make an area of outside... but inside!

We found lots of leaves and some petals too - we made our own flower pictures with these for a display.

We spotted a birds nest in the garden so we re-created this in the room, we even made a tree, as well as binoculars too!

We made  an interest table of all of the things found in the garden and then drew pictures of our favourites and talked about them with our friends!