Location: Walsall - South Staffs Water
14th July 2016

Goodbye Bumbles

On Thursday the 14th July 2016 the children all came to nursery very excited, excited as we knew it was a day for celebrations.

As we ate our breakfast there was a knock at the door. It was Derrick, Derrick had come to deliver us a bouncy castle! We was so excited!


We all had a little turn but soon it was time to put our gowns on.

Once we all had our dinner and we were all clean and fresh it was time!

We put on our hats and gown and made our way down to the conference hall, all our mommies and daddies were waiting for us. One at a time we walked down the red carpet to receive a present off our key worker Helen while Jess read a lovely speech.

We then had a huge party!

We would like to wish all our graduates lots of luck and we hope your journey here at Busy Bee's was a special one.