Location: Maidstone - Ragstone House
15th July 2016

Graduated Dino's take over Rare Breeds Centre

Graduated Dino's take over Rare Breeds Centre Photo-1
Graduated Dino's take over Rare Breeds Centre Photo-2
Graduated Dino's take over Rare Breeds Centre Photo-3
Graduated Dino's take over Rare Breeds Centre Photo-4
Graduated Dino's take over Rare Breeds Centre Photo-5
Graduated Dino's take over Rare Breeds Centre Photo-6

On Friday 15th July a coach of excited and eager 4 year olds descended on Rare Breeds centre to celebrate graduating preschool and finishing the year in style!

The excitement began to grow on Thursday as we had group discussions about the animals we may see when we get there. During these discussions we must have been asked 'are we going now?' a few hundred times! The following morning the air was buzzing with excitement and the smell of sun cream as each child was armed with their water bottle, sun cream and a sun hat ready for the adventures ahead.

The coach journey was a mix of excitable chatter and seeing what went whizzing by the window as we went by. By the 5th field of sheep that we passed the children seemed to have tired from calling out and instead watched out for buses and tractors! Tom especially loved the coach ride 'there's lots of cars they are all going past us! Look a big tractor is that from the farm?'

Once we had arrived at the farm the children were eager to take their seatbelts off and go and explore! After explaining about needing our tickets to get into the farm they thought it was amusing to watch Vicki run too and from the reception with the paperwork! We all unloaded from the coach and took a group photo with a beautiful horse in the background and a call of 'Selfie!' from Charlie.

Finally after all this time of waiting patiently we were in! It was difficult to tell who was more excited- the children or the staff! As a group we all followed round to the petting area where we were faced with a guinea pig, rooster and a rabbit all sitting patiently waiting for fuss and attention. The children were more than happy to oblige and enjoyed ruffling their fur!

Moving on from this we entered the exotic temperatures of the butterfly tunnel. Walking inside the door was comparable to stepping off of a plane in a hot, tropical country! The children were mesmerised by the butterflies floating around gracefully above them, without making a sound. A plate of fruit sat on a post for the butterflies to feast on.Hamish commented 'That's not for us that fruit is it? It's all dirty and the butterflies sat on it!'After a brief exploration around the tunnel we stepped out into the coolness of fresh air much to everyone's relief!

Up next came the tractor ride up and around the top of the farm and back again. We all climbed aboard the trailer and made ourselves comfortable- well as comfortable as you can be sitting on a hay bale! Once we set off the children peered through the bars of trailer to spot more animals and wave at passers by. Suddenly burst of excitement, chatter and laughing...We had passed the climbing frame and play area, which of course we went back too after lunch to test out how good it was! The staff, children and parents all took part in a 'sausage roll down the hill race' leaving us poor adults comparing our knocks and bumps.The children (and staff!) had a great time playing in the tunnels, the balance beams and the castle climbing frame, which was finished off with a refreshing ice lolly.

Once the sticky faces and hands were wiped over it was time to regroup and head back to the coach much to the children's disappointment. Within 10 minutes of heading back to the nursery the children were slowly drifting off into a nap dreaming of all their adventures of the day!

Overall the day was a great success the children, staff and parents thoroughly enjoyed themselves! We will be sad to see our clever, lovely and amazing children go off to school but wish them the best of luck on their next big adventure...BIG SCHOOL!! Also many thanks to the parents that came with us and helped out with children it is really appreciated and lovely to see you all!