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Location: Mansfield Vicar Water (TT)
8th July 2018

Graduation Day

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Monday 8th July was a very happy occasion here at Treetops Vicar Water. We had 28 children who all graduated from our Preschool Room in Clever Crocs. 

The children did an amazing job of remembering their lines to 'We love you Treetops, 'Bright' and 'You've got a friend in me.' Plus many more. A big well done to all those children. 

Once the children had finished singing and saying their poems the children came up to receive their scroll and certificate. Once all the children had graduated we then celebrated by throwing our hats in the air and catching them. 

After all the hard work we had a tea party where families and children could mix together and talk over cake. 

The children had an amazing time today and we are very proud of each and every child and we wish them all the luck in the future.