Location: Harlow
21st July 2017

Graduation week!

Graduation week! Photo-1
Graduation week! Photo-2
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Graduation week! Photo-6

Our Harlow Pre-school leavers have had a very busy week!

During graduation week they have taken part in lots of different activities to prepare them for their new schools in September!


The children took part in an assembly on Monday. They practised lining up nicely in a line and sitting down in their rows with their peers. They listened to the topic discussed in the assembly and then practised lining up again to exit!

Show and tell

Tuesday the children brought in photographs and special toys in from home. They confidently explained their items and shared these with their peers. This was to encourage the children to feel confident in standing up in front of a group of their peers to speak about a topic.

School uniform and pack lunches

This is by far the favourite day of the week! The children were all very excited to see what they had packed inside their lunch boxes! We encouraged the children to open their own bottles and yoghurt lids etc in preparation for school! It was lovely to see the healthy varieties of lunches the children enjoyed.

Getting changed for PE

Thursday the children enjoyed a PE session! This was to encourage the children to change themselves in and out of their PE kits ready for school. It was also lovely to see the children moving in different ways and joining in different activities. The children learnt about warming up and cooling down, as well as exercises such as yoga and football too!

AND of course our graduation party!

See our separate news feed for the finale of fun at Friday's graduation party!


"Graduation week is always very popular! It's a good way to prepare the children for school and their transition into their new routine. The children LOVE packed lunch day and the fun and games throughout the week! ~ Hayley Yeta - Pre-school Room Manager