Location: Glenrothes - Pinewood
6th July 2017

Grounding Meditation

Grounding Meditation  Photo-1
Grounding Meditation  Photo-2
Grounding Meditation  Photo-3

Our Pre School class have been learning all about how to ground meditate and calm ourselves back down after a busy morning. We lay down on our backs and closed our eyes. We took a big deep breath in and out. We then pretended we were trees, any size they wanted, any colour and their chosen fruit. Once the children sat back up after this they seemed to be a lot calmer. One child said, 'I was big, blue and had blackberries and strawberries' while another child felt they were, ' Oh so big, grey and covered in fruit'. As a group we spoke about how this may calm us down and why it is good for our bodies to slow down and chill out for a while. We find this a great way to make us ready for the afternoon ahead ready to learn more, all over again. 

-Pre-School Room Manager