Location: Ilford
7th August 2017

Growing Healthy Food!

Growing Healthy Food! Photo-1
Growing Healthy Food! Photo-2
Growing Healthy Food! Photo-3
Growing Healthy Food! Photo-4

At our Ilford nursery we are always teaching the children about healthy foods, healthy options and making better choices when it comes to food. What better way to do this and get the children excited about food than to grow our own.

Pre-school children have been discussing healthy fruits and vegetables and where they come from. To make this exciting, Karen has created an allotment, where the children have planted tomatoes, strawberries, marrow, peppers, corn and turnips. Each day the children take it it turns to help care for the plants, by watering them, checking that they are not being eaten by bugs and making sure they have enough sun to grow.

As the fruits and vegetables have ripened the children have helped pick them, we have then taken them to our wonderful chefs to prepare and put in our delicious meals. Once the children have tried what they have grown, they talked about the different tastes and textures. Most of the children liked what they have grown and are looking forward to tasting what ripens next.