Busy Bees in Apsley

Happy 70th Birthday NHS

Date - 07/06/2018

The NHS have accredited the Busy Bees menus, and we wanted to share to share these yummy meals with our parents. In the Front entrance we laid out a selection of our favourite menu items in true party style to showcase these and celebrate a huge birthday for the NHS. 

We also talked about the Role of all the members of the NHS and how they help us. Turning our home corners into hospitals we diagnosed and took care of our friends and fluffy animals. Some had broken bone and needed to be bandaged up (we thought they looked like mummies), some had high temperatures and needed Calpol and some had just eaten too much birthday cake and wasn't feeling well. Did you know sometimes people come to your house when you are poorly to go to the hospital!? 
After realising just how much these lovely people do for us,  we made them a birthday card, thanking them for all they do for us and wishing them a very happy birthday from all their friends at Busy Bees Apsley, our teachers will post this along with a cake that preschool made. 
We hope they really enjoy it and know we really appreciate them!