Location: Braintree - Great Notley
6th September 2016

Harvest Festival Fun

Harvest Festival Fun

We are celebrating Harvest Festival this week and will be carrying out lots of Autumn themed activities throughout the week. Look at some of the things we have been up to.

Monday 5th September 2016

We set up our Harvest table today. We are collecting dry food packets and tins for the local homeless shelter. We also launched the Autumn menus today. Some of the meals we are looking forward to having are Toad in the hole and homemade turkey burgers. Yummy! Our chef Trinitty has changed the menu display so all the parents can see what our three week rota for the meals looks like. 

Tuesday 6th September 

The 1-2's in Butterflies have been busy today straw painting. They used lots of colours and discussed texture as the children carried out their mark making. Pre-school had fun with a farm scene for the play-dough table that included corn and crops. The stories the children created were really imaginative. They also made a life size scarecrow with old clothes and straw!

Wednesday 7th September

Babies have been busy today vegetable printing with lots of different colours and vegetables for Harvest Festival. They also did some sticking onto their very own scarecrow. The Ladybird children have also been busy and have been making their own corn on the cob using different sticking materials. 

Thursday 8th September 

Today we have all been very busy and our pre-school have been getting messy with the hay looking for things hidden within. The 1-2's enjoyed pretending to sell their own vegetables at their own veg stall. We had vegetable soup for our dinner today and talked about all the vegetables that grow under ground!

Friday 9th September 

Today our babies enjoyed making marks in the flour, using various tools. They also added the water to the flour to see what different marks they could then make. In Butterflies the children used the brushes and sponges to wash the fruits and vegetables. Our children in Caterpillars made their own scarecrow and enjoyed stuffing it with all the hay. Our pre-school children liked listening to the story of 'The little red hen', which was supported further with props such as seeds and baking equipment. There was brown play dough with seeds and tools to re-create their very own growing areas too.