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Location: Maidstone Hospital
25th September 2017

Harvest Festival

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We took a group of our pre-school children on a little walk to St. Andrews Church in Barming to deliver all our Harvest festival food that we had collected.

Thank you to all the parents that donated such a wide variety of food which was collected at the nursery to be delivered to all the local food banks in the area.

At the Church the children were able to carry their boxes up to the alter at the front of the church where they helped to place them before they were to be sorted and delivered.

At the Church there was lots to see and the Priest spoke to us about what they had been doing, there was a lovely collage made of all bright colours with lots of different fruit and vegetables. We were also able to meet the very friendly scarecrow that had been made to help protect the crops.

Well done to all the pre-school children who decorated the lovely boxes that we put our food in and to those who came with us to the Church we had a lovely walk.