Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne
11th November 2016

Have you heard the 'OUTSTANDING' news!

Some of you may have been aware that we were inspected recently. Our last inspection was almost three years ago and we are usually inspected between 3 and 4 years, so right on time!

We do get 1/2 a days notice from Ofsted which did help us prepare ourselves with what we wanted to show them and were looking forward to showcasing the nursery.

The inspection went really well, as you can probably tell, but everyone worked so hard to answer her questions and give her the information she needed to see what we do and what its like for a child at our nursery. Thank you to the parents who were kind enough to send emails and meet with the inspector to give their views on the nursery. I am sure this made such a difference to hear first hand how you felt about the nursery. You will see in the report the amazing comments that were made by the inspector and we really hope you will take a look, it really is a fantastic report that makes us all very proud!

Our report has now been published on the Ofsted Website so please feel free to log on and take a look. The link for this is:


The report will also soon be linked from the front page of our Website when we receive our very special Ofsted Outstanding 2016 logos.

We hope you will join us in celebrating this exceptional achievement and share this by attending our Christmas Fayre where we will be having a special event during the morning on Saturday 17th December.