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Location: Edinburgh Park
22nd December 2017

Having Fun Together

Its the last day of the week before the Christmas break. There are not many children in today so some of the rooms have joined together for companionship and fun. Its about 10 am in the morning and the babies and dragonflies come out into the courtyard and move about catching bubbles that staff are blowing. Before long the toddlers and Preschool children come down and join in with the bubble fun. there are smiles and giggles everywhere which is lovely to see. Christmas music is playing in the background what a nice way to start the small holiday break. Hugo had been away on the day of the Christmas party but had heard how the children had put toilet paper around a couple teachers. He wanted to have a go so being the good sports they are Jaclyn and Julie stood in position for the children to wrap toilet roll around. Hugo got right into it as did Robbie walking round each of them with the paper. Others joined in while others sat listening to a story, chased bubbles or played with friends. The courtyard was a hive of fun and laughter, the best way for children to be. As time progresses on Julie and Jaclyn are covered with the paper, then given a carrot and had red spots drawn on their faces to resemble snowmen. Once this was all over with the fun didn't stop their the staff and children decided it was time for Claire to have a go but as there was no more paper they used scarves and shaving foam to create their effect. It was a very fun and exciting morning and the children had so much fun. This is what nursery is all about not just the learning that takes place but having fun as well. Good on you girls for being such good sports and getting in their and letting the children have some good ol' fashion fun and laughter. If you think you would like your child to come to nursery that joins in with children's fun then please feel free to come along and have a look at what we have to offer. You can book a visit online or just pop by..