Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne
19th October 2016

Healthy Biscuit Competition News!

Luke got busy baking for the 'Healthy Biscuit Happy Me' Burton's Biscuits competition and was in the final!

Busy Bees were asked by Burton's Biscuits (who make Jammie Dodgers!!!) to create a delicious 'healthy' biscuit, that has an added nutritional value and can be enjoyed as a part of a balanced diet. 

Our nursery assistant chef, Luke, got creative with the help of our children to make and bake their biscuit creations. 

Our biscuit is a delicious 'Carrot Cake Cookie' with lovely spices and a iced top! The children discussed with us what was healthy and what was not and what makes a great biscuit. They really enjoyed tasting some different varieties of biscuits, as you can imagine, and decided that they really liked carrot cake and carrot was really healthy, so why not make a biscuit with it!? The result was delicious and the regional tasting went well with the biscuit coming out with top marks both for taste and looks!

The competition was whittled down to just 20 finalists and although Luke didn't come out the winner we are really proud that his biscuit made the final!

Well done Luke....we will be publishing his recipe on the Website soon!