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Location: Bexleyheath
7th November 2017

Healthy Eating Day

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Today the children in pre-school have been talking about healthy eating and today the children made their own fruit salad using Pineapple, Mango, Melon, Grapes and Strawberries. The fruit was firstly cut up by one of the staff, these were then placed in bowls for the children to choose what they wanted in their fruit salad. The children then used their fine motor skills to cut the fruit up further, using the children's knifes. As the children were cutting the fruit they talked about the safety of the knives and the way they should be used with guidance from the staff. One child said 'if you cut your hand with the knife then you will have to go to hospital'.

We made a Healthy bag for the children to take home along with healthy recipes to cook with your children. In the bags was also some fruit and a drink.

The children in Pre-school also made a display showing drawings of food that the children knew that was good for them and the food that was bad for them. The children had discussions about why they thought these were good and bad.

Any left over Healthy bags were put outside in the multi-purpose area for parents to take and enjoy.