Location: Meredale Nursery (Rainham, Gillingham)
19th June 2017

Healthy Eating Enrolment Week

Healthy Eating Enrolment Week Photo-1
Healthy Eating Enrolment Week Photo-2
Healthy Eating Enrolment Week Photo-3
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Healthy Eating Enrolment Week Photo-5
Healthy Eating Enrolment Week Photo-6

During our recent enrolment week the children got to take part in many different activities all based around the theme of ‘A healthy summer’.

Activities ranged from healthy eating plates to dancing to assault courses.  All activities helped the children to learn the importance of healthy eating and exercise.

Teddy Bear Picnic-

Each room held their very own Teddy Bears Picnic in the gardens of the nursery, with special guests brought in from home (Yes their very own Teddy Bears).  The children enjoyed their snack of Teddy Bear Crisps while singing songs of ‘If we go down to the woods today..’ and talking about their teddies with their friends.

Teddy Toast

For afternoon snack the children created Teddy Toast. They each had an individual slice of toast, spread with butter and were allowed to choose from a variety of toppings such as banana and grapes to create a teddy bear face!  The baby room loved seeing the teddy faces when they were complete and were all smiling.  Toddlers loved being able to independently spread their butter and add toppings and pre-school room loved talking about what they have on their toast at home.


On Wednesday the whole nursery took part in dancing activities throughout the day.  We had ‘Wake and Shake’ first thing to get their little minds awake and engaged in the day ahead as well as ‘Shake and Write’ for our pre school room.  We had visits booked in the morning that also joined in the fun of the dancing!  Baby room were dancing on and off all day, independently and with the adults that entered the room with a certain baby asking ‘Dance?’ pretty much all day.


A very entertaining busy week here at Meredale and we look forward to many more events throughout the rest of the year.