Busy Bees at Derby Heatherton

Healthy Me Wednesday!

Date - 01/25/2018

Today was all about being healthy at Nursery.

We made fruit kebabs, yummy fruit smoothies, we read the hungry caterpillar and discussed all foods in the story that were delicious, but what should be eaten in moderation alongside lots and lots of fruit. I think we all felt like the Caterpillar once we had finished. We were all so full on delicious healthy treats!

All the different age groups completed these activities in ways that was age appropriate lead by their teachers. The Babies discussed textures and how the fruits felt, like rough and smooth, the Toddlers discussed the different colours that they saw and how many of each fruit they could see and Pre School, tasted lots of different fruits and wrote a score out of 10 how delicious they were and if they would like to eat them again.

A fun day was had by all and we want you to be apart of it!

If you would like to be involved in activities like these, please give Emma a call on 01332 518888. We look forward to seeing you!