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Location: Enfield
24th January 2018

Healthy Me!

Today the children have been learning all about being healthy.  Preschool children have prepared and eaten their own fruit salad and then created their own fruit or vegetable collages, some even have eyes!  Toddlers have also prepared and eaten their own fruit salad and enjoyed carrying out exercises in the garden and carrying out out very own enhancement of 'Wake and Shake'.

Babies have had great fun exploring different fruits, the smells, textures and taste and then did a painting activity.

There has been so much fun going on today, the children have learnt that they need food, water and exercise to stay healthy, they have also learnt about getting lots of fresh air as well as staying warm.

If you would like to take part in any of our many activities or view our fantastic nursery please call the Manager - Michelle Johnson - who will show you around and introduce you to the team here.