Location: St.Albans - Hatfield Road
20th February 2017

Healthy living week

The week commencing Monday 20th February was our Healthy Living Week at the Nursery.

Our aim for the week was to teach the children about the importance of maintaining a healthy diet and about keeping active to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We had lots of activities during the week for the children to get involved in and lots of healthy food for them to try.

On Friday 24th February, Julia, our Health Visitor, was satting up an area within the Nursery to promote healthy eating.  We were talking to the children about the different food groups and about the importance of a varied healthy diet. We hope the children will become more familiar with healthy foods and those foods that are not so healthy!

The children got interested by bringing in lots of fruit and vegetables – some of them they recognised and some of them they may not!

We  also brought in other foods from the other food groups that make up a healthy lifestyle.  We wanted them to understand why eating a healthy balanced diet is important.

Parents and family came along and  take a look when they were collecting their child from Nursery as we had  lots of information for parents and carers as well and on Friday we had lots of fruit and vegetables that childrentook home!