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Location: Bexleyheath
24th January 2018

Healthy me

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This week is our enrolment week, so we have some fun things planned to show Potential parents and children the kind of fun things that we do at our Nursery.

Today we focused on Healthy eating in our under 2 year rooms. so in the morning the children used a variety of fruits such as strawberries, Apples, lemons, Melons and pears. The children had lots of fun trying these new fruits and they also used all of there senses whilst taking part in this activity. In the afternoon the under 2 year rooms had a plate that they drew the fruits that they had tasted that morning.

in our over 2 year rooms the children made fruit kebabs, which they spoke about all the different fruits, what the children liked the best and ones they were not so keen on. The children had discussions about healthy eating and why this is important to us.