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Location: Chorley - Brooke Street
22nd December 2017

Help for the Homeless

The children, parent's and staff at Chorley Brooke Street Nursery had been collecting tins, packets and many more items of food and drink for the people of Chorley who needed a little extra support over th holiday season.

Help the Homeless has been helping to prevent and relieve homelessness in the borough of Chorley for over 20 years.

Formed by local members of the community in 1995 and led by volunteers, the charity works alongside Chorley Borough Council and other organisations to offer a number of core services to help deal with the various causes, and consequences, of housing crises.

To become a supporter of Help the Homeless, you can make a donation. We welcome help from individuals, social communities and corporate entities.

To donate please follow the link or for any support please visit the organisation at 45 Clifford Street, Chorley.