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Location: Guiseley
26th June 2018

Hesketh Farm Park

Hesketh Farm Park Photo-1
Hesketh Farm Park Photo-2

Poppies had a Brilliant day out at Hesketh Farm Park on Tuesday 26th June. 

The children explored all the sights, sounds and smells of the farm, learning about the chickens, egg collecting and experiencing seeing and mixing the milk and feeding the baby lambs.  We also saw the two resident tortoise's samson and delilah, roaming around the fields and play areas. It must of got a bit too hot for them as when we were playing they took shade under the picnic tables!

The children also took an exciting trip with Farmer Chris in his trailer. The Farmer took the children around his farm and asked them questions about what the names of baby animals were called. We also had to count how many sheep and cows Farmer Chris has. 

We had a picnic lunch in our own special area, where we got to talk to our friends about all the exciting animals we had seen and what we had been doing. The children got to play in the garden using the diggers to dig up wood chippings and move them to different areas, we also played in the sand pit and on the swings. 

It was very quiet on the coach trip back after all that fresh farm air and playing! But we arrived safely back in time for a hot tea at nursery. All of the chidlren recieved a small gift as a memento of their day out. 

Thank you to all at Hesketh Farm Park for a wonderful visit, each year the staff team at Hesketh give us a fun and structured day out with lots of fun information for the children. 

The group recieved lots of compliments on their great behaviour and brilliant listening skills, which was a pleasure to hear. Well done Poppies, you make us so proud