Location: Harlow
16th August 2017

Hosptial role play

Hosptial role play Photo-1
Hosptial role play Photo-2
Hosptial role play Photo-3
Hosptial role play Photo-4

Our 2-3 year olds at Harlow nursery have had lots of fun in their new imagination station. The staff have transformed the room into a hospital with lots of medical instruments for them to explore. 

The children have been looking after poorly babies, pretending to put bandages and plasters on, and learning about the body part and names.

The imagination station is designed to promote lots of speech and language, role playing from their experiences and social interactions with peers.

"The children have really shown enjoyment playing in our role play area. They have been nursing their peers and baby dolls, administering pretend medicine and putting on plasters and bandaged. We have also starting speaking about how to keep safe and healthy too! ~ Zoe Titchen - QEYE