Location: Croydon
5th May 2017

How are you Feeling Today?

How are you Feeling Today? Photo-1
How are you Feeling Today? Photo-2
How are you Feeling Today? Photo-3
How are you Feeling Today? Photo-4

A small group of children had taken part in a story.

The preschool children have developed an understanding that others will show different feelings of being happy, sad, quiet and grumpy.

The story that was read to the children was Called 'How are you feeling today?' by Molly Potter.

The Girls were making the relevant facial expressions to describe the name of the emotion, one of the children had been so interested in the book that they took it home for the weekend to read with the family.

Children learn new experiences through 'personal, social and emotional development - managing feelings and behaviour.

Preschool children can hold a conversation about how they or others can show their feelings, they are able to talk about themselves or others' behaviour and what could have been a 'kind' way of dealing with a particular event. Children begin to form as a group and learn to follow simple rules.

Children can  adapt to a change in a routine and adjust to different situations.