Location: Woking
3rd April 2017

How to clean our teeth from our Nurse

How to clean our teeth from our Nurse

Our nurse Dee has been working with all the children on a Oral Health Care, so the Activity Dee did was an activity board on Oral Health this had on it , how to brush your teeth and what toothpaste to use. 

All the information Dee got was from the oral health foundation. 

This activity was for pre - school children , all parents signed consent to take part in the activity and to use the toothpaste was obtained from the parents prior to this.,

The activity was conducted with 4 children at a time in the library room so they could be in an area where they could engage and concentrate on the activity.

We initially spoke about what our teeth are used for, how many teeth they have and the importance of looking after our teeth. 

We then talked about how to brush our teeth and ensure we brush all the surface areas of the teeth. The children used there fingers as a brush initially as we pointed out all the different surface areas of the teeth that should be brushed. Which Dee demonstrated on the big puppet teeth. 

We then talked about how many time a day our teeth should be brushed and how long. 

Introducing the 2 minute egg timer, Each child then got to clean there own toothbrush and some toothpaste and they had a go at brushing there teeth for 2 minutes  ensuring they used the correct technique.

All the children in Pre - school got to handle the big puppet teeth and have a go at brushing them ensuring they  brushed all the surface area of the teeth.

We then used pictures to talk about foods that are good and bad for our teeth. We also talked about visiting the dentist and the importance of this. 

Each child received an information pack on good oral hygiene, a toothbrush to take home and a 2 minute timer to encourage them to brush there teeth for 2 minutes, along with a sticker that said          ' When you brush don't rush '

The children all seemed to enjoy the activity. They all participated and listened to the information given out. they where all very excited to take there goody bags home and show off there stickers they received. they also shared stories of going to the dentist.