Location: Norwich Thorpe
25th May 2017

Ice-Lolly Making

Ice-Lolly Making  Photo-1
Ice-Lolly Making  Photo-2
Ice-Lolly Making  Photo-3
Ice-Lolly Making  Photo-4

Mmmmmmm refreshing! 

We are loving this glorious weather, so we decided to refresh ourselves with some fruity ice lollies!

Preschool made their own ice-lollies in the morning and froze them in the kitchen ready for the afternoon. 

There was great pouring skills going on as they carefully poured the squash into their ice lolly moulds.

The children also chopped up their own fresh fruit to put in their lollies, including strawberries, blackberries, red currants and black currants

The children enjoyed them later on in the afternoon.