Location: Edinburgh Park
5th July 2016

Independence Day

Back in 1776 the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress signifying to the world that 13 colonies no longer belonged to Great Britain. This declaration is celebrated each year on the 4th of July however the very first Independence Day took place in Philadelphia on the 8th of July 1777. The night sky was alight with bonfires and candles in the windows of houses and buildings. Church bells rang out loud and cannons were being shot from ships at sea. They were celebrating the first anniversary of the founding of the United States of America. 

Children here at the nursery came dressed wearing some red, white and blue. Preschool got busy making a birthday cake while dragonflies made flags. In the afternoon we all came together in the courtyard and sang Happy Birthday to America. Some of the preschool children told us about what they knew of America and this celebration. One of our children also had their own celebration happening today too. It was Jacob from preschools 4th Birthday so we all sang Happy Birthday to him as well. There was a lovely celebratory atmosphere about. After all the singing it was time for some dancing, Hey a celebration is not a celebration without a wee boogie. As the children danced and grooved away Kim walked around blowing bubbles. There were squeals and sounds of delight. What a great way to celebrate America's independence, something which may not be out of Scotland's reach in the not too distant future.