Location: Lewisham
28th April 2017

International Dance Day

International Dance Day

To celebrate International Dance Day we had a session led by qualified dancer Katrina who runs her own dance classes in Lewisham area called 'Dance Dynamite'.

The children had an amazing time listening to music and learning dance moves.

The session covered 'Moving and Handling' and 'Health and Self Care', aspects of the Physical area of the Early Years Foundation stage.

Children developed fine and gross motor skills by imitating actions and built responses to music with their movements. They also developed spacial awareness as they considered their peers and the furniture around them.

The children were encouraged by our professional and experienced staff to notice changes in their bodies such as an increased heart rate, sweating and thirstiness. Lots of fresh drinking water was available and the children were encouraged to extend their vocabulary with words such as 'hydrated', 'breathless' and 'exhausted'!

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