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Location: Welwyn Garden City
25th September 2017

Introducing Sign of The Week!

Introducing Sign of The Week! Photo-1
Introducing Sign of The Week! Photo-2

This week was very excited to have introduced a sign of the week to the nursery to enhance the communication skills. All the children within the nursery will be learning the sign throughout the week and we will be using it as a visual when we say the word to the children.

As a nursery we feel by using Makaton signing it will help to develop the way in which the children communicate even if they are unable to speak at the moment, it is something that all the children here at the nursery can do.

We have displayed a display board in the foyer for “Sign of the week” and it shows you how it is to be done, look out for the sign of the week every week to see what sign we are on.

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