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Location: Walsall - South Staffs Water
21st October 2010

Introducing our brand new initiative...

Busy Bees at South Staffs Water are pleased to announce the launch of this brand new initiative.

Cooking with Me’ involves groups of children working together to create recipes, and will encourage them to explore other activities, such as painting, dressing up and role play, based on their cooking themes.

The scheme encourages children to cook from an early age, developing key skills outlined in the EYFS framework. Cooking is understood to develop skills such as time, measuring, counting and weighing, as well as introduce them to science by helping them to investigate, predict, experiment and observe.

Cooking will require children to read recipe cards, sequence order of photos, introduce new words for foods and encourage opinion, helping to reinforce their language development.

The nursery has received a cookery pack containing 14 recipes cards including further activities to extend the recipe, a set of 10 environmental cards with photographs and new vocabulary of key words used in cooking, 8 sets of children’s hats and aprons and a cooking equipment kit.
Childcare and Curriculum Manager, Lisa Snell, said:

“There are lots of learning experiences that ‘Cooking with Me’ will give the children. All the equipment provided is designed for small hands to help them stir, whisk, beat, fold and mix.

Special recipe and activity cards have been created that link to the child through the same theme as the recipe. One of the cards is making ‘Cowboy Pies,’ which gives staff activities relating to the children dressing up into cowboys and pretending they have horses.

There is a sense of adventure in cooking for children, and with staff extending the recipes into an activity in a different area in the environment will make it a more memorable experience for the child.”

Making healthy living a natural part of children’s lives and values through balanced cooking activities.