Location: Leeds - Colton Mill
7th February 2017

Investigating and exploring

Investigating and exploring Photo-1
Investigating and exploring Photo-2
Investigating and exploring Photo-3
Investigating and exploring Photo-4
Investigating and exploring Photo-5
Investigating and exploring Photo-6

We have been very busy here at Colton Mill, engaging in lots of different activities to encourage the children's investigation and exploration.

Our under two's have been exploring the feel of different textures, including wet and dry sand and slimey gloop, and creating marks using our small hands and different objects. They have also been adding different objects to water play, exploring what floats and what sinks.

Our two's to three's have been baking some delicious biscuits, adding the different ingredients and being involved in the process of forming the mixture, before allowing them to bake in to tasty biscuits. They also been creating some wow pictures, through making patterns in marbling ink before watching paper magically change colour.when dipped in the colourful water. Pre-school have also been creating their own patterned marbling pictures, as well as risk assessing our garden areas using our garden detectives check sheet.