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Location: Sunderland - Fulwell
6th July 2018

It's Graduation day!

It's Graduation day! Photo-1
It's Graduation day! Photo-2
It's Graduation day! Photo-3
It's Graduation day! Photo-4
It's Graduation day! Photo-5
It's Graduation day! Photo-6

The Butterfly children attended our annual Graduation at our local community centre. 

The children sang songs in French, before singing their favourite nursery rhymes. 

Each child drew a picture of what they limed to do while at nursery, they stood up on the stage one by one and told their loved ones all about their picture.

The children then watched a special slideshow from their time at nursery.

The children then sang and signed 1000 years by Cristina Perri.

The children then had their graduation ceremony, Each child was given a trophy and a special award for their achievments, they were all also given a certificate to say they had graduation from nursery.

At the end the children and parents were able to enjoy a little tea party before going home.