Location: Guiseley
18th May 2017

It's a full house!

It's a full house! Photo-1
It's a full house! Photo-2

We are now the proud parents of 12 little fluffy chicks.

We arrived at nursery this morning to find that we had a full house; that all 12 of our eggs had hatched. 

Please do look at the information poster displayed in the reception, this has helped us to identify that we have 2 boys and 10 girls in the batch. 

The children have really enjoyed coming to observe them both whilst in nursery and when leaving/departing with parents/carers (we apologise for any delays you may be experiencing in getting your children out of the nursery!).

Some of the children have even drawn some pictures that have been displayed near the light box. If your child has drawn a picture at home that they would like to bring in then please drop it in at the office.

Over the next few days the little chicks will find their voices, we are already hearing lots of chirping and the little ones seem so much happier now they have a larger area to roam in.