Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne
11th August 2016

Jump-Froggy-Jump is a WINNER!

Jump-Froggy-Jump is a WINNER! Photo-1
Jump-Froggy-Jump is a WINNER! Photo-2
Jump-Froggy-Jump is a WINNER! Photo-3
Jump-Froggy-Jump is a WINNER! Photo-4

Have you heard of.....Hop Scotch? What's the time Mr Wolf? Hide and Seek?

Well the challenge was on for this years apprentices was to explore traditional games with their children and have some fun....THEN....create a NEW game that children would find fun and would develop their skills in lots of areas, as traditional games do!

Taylor and Will, who are just completing their apprenticeship with the Busy Bees Training Academy, rose to the challenge and created a fun game that the children really enjoyed. We will be playing this game for a long while I'm sure!

We're very proud to announce that out of the whole of Busy Bees across the country Taylor and Will were the outright WINNERS! They have won a great prize for the nursery of games for their room and shopping vouchers for them. 

Very well done to them!