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Location: Bury St.Ed - West Suffolk NHS
26th January 2018

Keep Fit Friday

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To end our fantastic Enrolment Week, we have had a fantasically fun day Keeping Fit.

Our children in our Baby Rooms have enjoyed lots of music and movement today, with various genres of music.  They had great fun exploring the musical instruments, exploring sounds and movement.

Our Toddler Children have enjoyed joining in with Wake and Shake today.  The children and staff had great fun.

Our Pre-School children have enjoyed a day talking about the importance of keeping fit and ways in which we can keep fit.  They enjoyed a morning session of Exercise and stretches.  Emilia, aged 4 years found the Push Ups very amusing and has been asking Danni and Daizy to do more throughout the day.

This afternoon, the Pre-Schooler's enjoyed an Egg and Spoon Race in the garden using REAL hard boiled Eggs.  This encouraged balance and hand eye coordination.  The children had great fun.

We have had a fantastic Enrolment Week here at Bury St Edmunds and have welcomed many families in to our beautiful nursery throughout the week.  We look forward to our new friends starting their Busy Bees Adventure with us soon.