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Location: Bexleyheath
26th January 2018

Keep fit Friday

Today is “Keep Fit Friday”, we have lots of opportunities for your children to join in the variety of activities that we have planned. They are all age appropriate and most importantly, they are great fun. They will be using a variety of materials to use for physical activities throughout the day. 

Throughout the day in our younger rooms the children used all their physical abilities to dance to a variety of Nursery rhymes and dancing music. In the afternoon the children used bikes to have races up and down the garden, and then using the slide and soft play area in our little Ladybirds Room.

In our older rooms in the morning the children did their wake and shake song, which is about getting their mind, body and soul ready for the day, so the children felt energised to take part in their activities throughout the day. In the afternoon in the garden the children took part in a variety of obstacle courses, and a lot of team work games.