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Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne
15th January 2018

Kid Inventors Day 2018!

Kid Inventors Day 2018!  Photo-1
Kid Inventors Day 2018!  Photo-2
Kid Inventors Day 2018!  Photo-3
Kid Inventors Day 2018!  Photo-4

We had so much fun today exploring the topic of inventing!

We encourage our children to put their mind to things and believe that keeping on trying and review a situation and changing their tactic can allow them to achieve new goals. We are constantly astounded at the ideas that our children come up with!

In the Bunny room we enjoyed inventing and exploring how to make new colours by adding some paint to foam and mixing it up with our fingers and spoons! 

In the Hedgehog room we took part in some experiments and looked into how to make potions fizz up and explode by adding new ingredients to our mixtures! 

In Squirrels and Badgers we took part in lots of junk modelling and making using various resources and made some amazing creations! 

And in Owls we had a small group time with our carers and learnt a little about inventors and what it is that they do. We also made some cup phones and explored to building materials within the room!