Location: Norwich Airport
25th May 2016

Langely Prep School Mathematics

Our Pre School and Academy enjoyed - Langely Prep School Mathematics: We got picked up from our nursery in a mini bus. We were so excited. We sang songs on the bus, our favourite being – the wheels on the bus. On our way we were looking at the traffic lights for the different colours and seeing what they mean. When we got there the mathematics them was of pirates. There were different activities we could choose from:

  • A jewel treasure chest; with a number on and we had to stick the correct amount of jewels inside
  • Colouring in pirates
  • Rolling the dice and identifying what number it lands on
  • A number treasure hunt: where we had to find numbers and put them in the correct order.
  • Running game: where we had to run in and through spaces and when a whistle was blown we had to find some land to stand on, in order for the sharks not to find us

We had such fun completing these activities; we got a bag to take home to put all of our work into. We then got to play on the outside play area, where we got to do some amazing climbing.


Langley Prep School Gymnastics: This time when we went on the mini bus, we were looking for Jade in her red car. When we got there we had to get into different coloured groups and did our stretches. We told one of the Langley teachers that we do stretches before wake and shake so that we do not pull a muscle. We then went through to a new room to participate in four different activities. The first one we did was swinging ropes, we would either sit on one rope or join two up to make a swing. The next activity we got to go on a large climbing frame too, wehere we choose to either climb across it, or use it to imitate some monkey bars. The next activity was on the smaller climbing frame, this one we did climbing and it even had a slide, that we could go down really fast. The next activity was our most favourite one – going on the trampoline. We had to balance along a beam, all of the way to the trampoline. We then got to jump onto the trampoline and when we had finished jumping, we jumped onto a crash mat.