Location: Inverness
30th January 2017

Learning with snow!

Learning with snow!  Photo-1
Learning with snow!  Photo-2
Learning with snow!  Photo-3
Learning with snow!  Photo-4
Learning with snow!  Photo-5
Learning with snow!  Photo-6

Snow - what a wonderful opportunity to learn!

We are having an amazing time at Busy Bees in Inverness and learning so much in the snow. When it's snowing it's a great time to learn about coordination skills by throwing, making tracks, marching etc. We have been counting and stacking snow balls, placing the balls in order of size. We have been using lots of new language such as icy, slippery, crunching, hot, cold, we have been thinking about concepts such as freezing and melting. We have been rolling and throwing, making snow angels, repeating patterns in the snow, counting, using winter words and discovering so much about the world around us!