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Location: Southwell
10th November 2017

Least we forget.

Least we forget. Photo-1
Least we forget. Photo-2
Least we forget. Photo-3
Least we forget. Photo-4
Least we forget. Photo-5

Today we made poppies as a sign of respect, and to remember the members of the armed forces who have died in the line of duty in the past and to this current day.

The children have talked about Remembrance day and the reason in which we hold this tradition, and why the representation is a Poppy.

To help the Pre-School children understand this event we looked at the BBC Children's remembrance film, a beautiful and evocative animation that sees war as experienced by animals in a WWI battle field - please take a look -

The children made wonderful collage Poppies and delicate paintings using their fingers as their own representation.