Location: Edinburgh Park
30th May 2016

Let me tell you a story!!!

During the month of May the children in preschool have been looking at the story of the three little pigs. The story was read to the children and then the children were able to write their version of it as they heard it. It was very interesting reading the children's versions and what is important to them in the story. Three preschool boys decided to write a story about The Three Best Super Heroes by Reece, Vihaan and Aadhav. Once upon a time there were three cool super heroes. Their names were Reece, Aadhav and Vihaan. Their special powers were that they can be invisible, so they used there super powers to destroy the bad guys. The bad guys threw bombs at the super heroes so that they can destroy them and rule the world but then the super heroes used their powers to play a trick on them and stole the bombs and threw them back and killed the bad people and saved the world. It is fantastic seeing the children using their imagination to be creative. Well done boys. 

The following is one the Three Little Pigs  Stories written by Charlotte. The little pigs had some straw and they made it into a house, then the second little pig saw a man with sticks so he built a house too and the tird little pig saw a man with bricks so he built a strong little house. Then the wolf came to blow all of the houses down but he could not blow the third little pigs house because the pig said ' you can't blow my house down' and he said not by the hairs of my chinny chin chin" The pig scared the big bad wolf and he told the wolf don't ever come here again.

Keep up the writing children you are doing a fantastic job of telling stories.