Location: Norwich Airport
2nd December 2016

Life skills for under 5's

Life skills for under 5's

Learning from our peers is currently being developed to nurture key skills in life for children specifically under 5 years.

This exciting programme contains a variety of fun activities that children can do within all of the rooms here at nursery.

The idea behind this, is for the children to have the understanding, of looking after each other, caring for one another, and to become good role models.

Children in small groups will visit different rooms, for an hour or two at a time, and experience the different age ranges. 

For example, children of 3 years, may go into the baby room, using their calm voices and tippy toe feet. Within this room, the babies will pick up and understand the movement of an older child, be motivated to crawl and chatter. While the 3 year old, will understand the necessity for being calm, and begin to understand different levels of interaction required for children and people of different needs and different ages. Understanding care routines, and helping the key people within the room, promoting their mutual respect and values. 

Activities will be planned, and we will be assessing the children as they continue to develop new skills, to be evaluate the success of the new programme. 

Should you have any questions about our exciting new activities, please do not hesitate to contact me via; 

- Email on Norwichairport.manager@busybees.com

- Phone 01603 788814

Or pop into the nursery.