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1st February 2018

Look How Busy We Have Been This Week

Look How Busy We Have Been This Week Photo-1
Look How Busy We Have Been This Week Photo-2

This week the Toddlers and 2-3's have been using vegetables to make their paintings of the Moon. We looked at pictures and talked about  the Full Moon as it appeared in the sky this week and used the resources to interpret our own pictures.Supporting children's needs and interests are the key element to enjoyment and progression within the area of language.

Babies have been exploring the wet and dry sand with their hands as well as a variety of brushes, spoons, sieves and buckets. Developing skills and experiences for the children we design each activity to be slightly more challenging than the previous one.

 Our Preschool Room have all joined in with 'Shake and Write'. This activity provides movement opportunities so children can develop the physical skills needed to develop their handwriting skills. The movement is driven by music and the underlying principal is enjoyment to build confidence.