Location: Ilford
1st May 2017

Look What We've Been Up To!

Look What We've Been Up To!

There have been lots of amazing activities going on over the last few weeks!

We have been enhancing our play areas throughout the nursery to offer lots of exciting opportunities to the children.

In the baby unit we have been using our senses and imagination to explore bubbly car washes, foamy paints and washing dolls.

The toddler unit have been making jellyfish using a range of materials, enhancing their role play hospital, and creating a fantastic sensory den for the children to explore.

Our pre-school children have been learning to play charades with occupational hats, they absolutely love this game and get very excited about becoming firemen, policemen, chefs, knights and cowboys. We have also added animal masks to the game too!

We also have something extra special growing in our nursery at moment, TADPOLES! The children have been learning about how tadpoles grow, what they like to eat, when they grow legs and how they turn into frogs! All the children are extremely excited and can't wait to come into nursery each day to check on them to see if they've grown!

These are only some of the amazing activities that been happening over last few weeks, if you would to join in and see what else is available why not pop in and see us!

You can book a tour of our wonderful nursery on 0208 599 0066 or come in for a stay and play.