Location: Thetford
22nd July 2016

Look what we have grown!

Look what we have grown! Photo-1
Look what we have grown! Photo-2
Look what we have grown! Photo-3

Our first courgette's were ready for harvesting and the children helped Johnathan, the nursery chef pick the best ones to use for their dinner that day.

Everyone had helped look after the courgette's throughout the last few weeks and enjoyed being able to pick them.

The children were able to learn how things grow, how to look after them and could see the progress of the vegetable as it started to grow.

Johnathan and the nursery team discussed with the children about colour, taste and size with the children as they picked out the ones that they wanted Johnathan to cook with.

At lunchtime Johnathan had made a courgette and sweetcorn pasta which all the children enjoyed eating - yum yum!

Hopefully the potatoes and tomatoes are coming soon........