Location: Edinburgh Park
9th June 2017

Louise gets her eye's tested

In preschool we have been focusing on our bodies over the past couple of months. We started first with looking at all the different parts of our bodies including our internal organs and learning about how they function and what they do for us. We then moved onto people who help us with our bodies, learning about people such as doctors, nurses, opticians, dentists e.t.c This week Louise was scheduled to have her eyes tested at Spec savers down at the Gyle so we asked if we could tag along with a small group of children to have a look. Louise checked this out with the opticians who were happy for us to come. So on Wednesday we took a bus down to the Gyle shopping centre with 6 children. Louise was waiting inside for us as it was a horrible rainy day. As we went into the shop a lady showed us where the waiting area was and we took a  seat. The children were talking amongst themselves excitedly and looking around at all the different posters. It was soon time for Louise to go in and we all followed. It was an interesting room and Louise sat in this chair looking towards a mirror while we sat on the floor in front so we could see what was going on. The optician began to ask Louise some questions about her eye sight then she got Louise to read out some letters starting with her right eye first then her left. The children knew some of the letters so we were calling them out for Louise so I asked them not to and explained that Louise needed to, so the optician knew what she could and could not see. After her eyes were tested she then was asked to wear  funny looking glasses so that the optician could put different lenses in to see what worked best for her. It was all very interesting. Once this was finished we went out to where the glasses are and got to try some on to see what we liked then Louise and Sharlene tried some on too. This was fun. After some moments we went into another room and the lady in there took photos of the inside of Louise's eye's. After several attempts as Louise kept blinking they got a good photo. Her eye looked like a big orange planet with lines going through it. When this was done it was time to head back to nursery but first we were given some glasses frames, balloons and bags to bring back with us. It was a fantastic trip and we learnt lots about how our eye's get tested.