Location: Tunbridge Wells
23rd September 2016

Magical Maths!

Magical Maths! Photo-1
Magical Maths! Photo-2
Magical Maths! Photo-3
Magical Maths! Photo-4
Magical Maths! Photo-5
Magical Maths! Photo-6

This week we have been doing lots of different maths activities with the children and they have been really enjoying the different things that we have been doing.

In preschool we have been creating a super hero and disney princess number line which all the children have been enjoying. The children have been looking at the numbers and this has helped them to recognise numbers along with their interests of super heroes and princesses.

In 2-3's we have been using different targets and balls and we have been encouraging the children to throw the ball and hit the targets and then tell us what number they hit with the ball. This was also to encourage the children to keep score of how much the numbers added up to.