Location: Ingleby Barwick
22nd August 2016

Making Maths Magical

Making Maths Magical Photo-1
Making Maths Magical Photo-2
Making Maths Magical Photo-3
Making Maths Magical Photo-4

Children here at Busy Bees Ingleby Barwick have been really busy at Nursery taking part in lots of fun Maths activities.

Everyone has got more involved with numbers and problem solving since the introduction of our new initiative 'Nurturing Problem Solving to Mathematics' and the children and staff are loving it!

Here at Nursery we made an interactive table in the entrance of Nursery for parents to see for ideas and for the children to explore!

On the table we included a Little Bee Bag which included:

~ maths activity ideas for parents to do at home
~ cards for discussions around different patterns and matching activities
~ number cards

Alongside the bag, parents also have the option of loaning certain maths resources to carry out more MAGICAL MATHS at home!
As you can see in the pictures some resources on the table include odd socks, stacking stars and a game based around the rhyme '5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer'.
Two of the children's favourites were counting the candles/adding the correct amount of candles to a 'homemade' birthday cake, and finding the biggest, smallest or longest vegetable in our basket etc!

Keep your eyes peeled for more Magical Maths around Nursery!