Location: Croydon
10th April 2017

Making Shapes

Making Shapes

The preschool children have a daily discussion relating to the weather.

The room Manager Kim and her team discuss the type of weather and what clothing would be appropriate to wear.

Today the children wanted to extend the discussion and use the play dough to make shapes and create their own Cloud Sun, Rain, Umbrellas and a storm.

From the activity the children are using the 4 areas of the early years foundation stage of learning

Communication and language - children listening and understanding and contributing toward the activity

Understanding of the world - being able to make links with the outside environment

Expressive arts and design - the group were able to use fine motor skills to create their own creation

Personal, Social & Emotional skills were developed through the children talking about what each other had made and their peers giving postive comments and showing self appraisal when showing it within the group.