Location: Peterborough - H.Hargate
22nd November 2016

Making Silly Soup helps pre-school learn sounds

Making Silly Soup helps pre-school learn sounds Photo-1
Making Silly Soup helps pre-school learn sounds Photo-2

As part of our ‘Letter of the Week’ activity here at Peterborough our pre-school children got to make a very special soup. The special recipe contained Bricks, Blankets and Brushes to name a few… Can you guess what letter we have been discovering?

Silly Soup is a simple, yet popular activity, easy to do at home. All you need is a large bowl, mixing spoon and a selection of items beginning with the same sound. Then let children pick the ingredients, naming them as they place them in a bowl, creating a unique (but maybe not so tasty) recipe. You can even make a rhyme to recite together.

Part of our Babble to Chatter enhancement designed to support speech and literacy development, the Silly Soup activity introduces sounds and spelling, gets children to practise pronunciation and is a great way to learn new words.

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