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Location: Welwyn - Mardley Hill
7th December 2017

Making Snowmen!

Making Snowmen!

Today was such a cold day in Welwyn! We wrapped up warm with our hats, coats and scarves and ventured into the garden to explore the great outdoors.

Once outside we discussed the effect of the cold weather on our outside learning environment; hearing the wonderful observations made by the children was quite simply amazing, how aware and observant they truly are; 'Our mud kitchen feels cold....and has ice on it!' 'The trees have lost their leaves!' 

After our exploring and investigating was complete we retuned to the warmth of our Academy base room and continued to discuss our findings. It was then decided that snow will surely fall before long and of course when the snow falls we are able to make SNOWMEN! 

As we may be waiting a while until this happens, the children decided that they would like to create their own snowmen with various forms of creative media and the photo's attached detail the content of this activity.


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